A Motivational Model for Continuous Participation in Crowdsourcing among Low Income Group


  • Ahmad. R
  • Habbal. AM
  • Suyono. W
  • Mahmood. M
  • Chit. S.C


In ensuring the success of crowdsourcing implementation, a deeper understanding of motivational factors that drive people to participate in this crowdsourcing application is crucial. Although several studies have previously described motivational factors in crowdsourcing, very limited studies have examined intrinsic and extrinsic factors simultaneously in a single model. Identifying the motivational factors is crucial to improve the task design in crowdsourcing and the rewarding process in crowdsourcing platform. The objective of this paper is to provide an empirical motivational model for continuous intention to participate in crowdsourcing. The model is evaluated using 134 respondents using structural equation modeling method. Our findings indicate interesting intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors influencing intention to participate in crowdsourcing. The implications of this study for system developers are carefully designed and accommodate tasks that are interesting and challenging at the same time. In terms of theory, a more dynamic motivational model that considers temporal aspect should be explored.