Assessment of Knowledge Management Readiness in Hotel Sector in Sri Lanka: Modeling Enablers and Process of Knowledge Management


  • Mubarak Kaldeen


Knowledge Management (KM) has been considered as a competitive tool. Thus, the effective implementation of KM plays a vital role in improving the performance of the institutions. Hotel sector as a knowledge-based service providers KM practices become imperative. The main objective of this study is to assess the KM readiness of Sri Lankan hotel segment and how can manage KM enablers and process and applies systematically. Primary data collected through a survey using questionnaire. 253 usable questionnaires were redeemed for analysis from managerial level employees of hotels in Sri Lanka. KM enablers scale consisted four factors while process scale consisted six factors in the analysis. The study found that there is a strong positive impact of KM enablers scale factors on KM process scale factors. KM enablers are the critical success factors of KM implementation in hotel sector in Sri Lanka.