Mobility Prediction and Interference Avoidance for Reliable Communication in Dynamic WBAN


  • Mahammad Firose Shaik
  • M. Monica Subashini


Recently Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) became a major technology used for the assessment of Human body parameters where highly reliable communication is required for accurate health information. The major source of error that diminishes the reliability of communication is signal interference. In this paper, proposed a technique to estimate the link reliability of the dynamic nodes in WBAN using Markov chain model. For that, four states of WBAN nodes are considered based on node mobility; High speed, Low speed, Pause and Ideal states. Then, a physical interference model is proposed and properly devised the routing and link planning problem with the aim to improve the throughput.Later,the performance of the proposed model is validatedby comparing the simulated outputs with the existing model outputs. This proposed model exhibited better performance than the existing model in terms of interference mitigation, power consumption, Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) and network lifetime.