Intelligent Li-Fi Technology Adopted for Congestion Ellminating


  • Prof. A. Ambika
  • M.A Swinkumar
  • M. Kamalesh
  • K. Naveen


There are large numbers of toll gates in the National Highways across the country. Most of the people findit very difficult to wait in a long queue because of manually operating toll gate system. This causes waste of time and fuel. This project provides a great solution to all these problems. Most recently, Li-Fi is a new emerging technology in the trend. Here, the concept of Li-Fi is used to eliminate this queue. In this project, the data transmission and reception is done by pic microcontroller. The data which is received by the Li-fi receiver is sent to the monitor for checking account balance. The account detail is showed in the LCD display. Here the Dc motor is used to drive the barrier. As we use the concept of Li-Fi, high speed data transfer is achieved. So that the technology used in this project eliminates the queue in the toll gates and helps the people to reach their destination on time.