Case Studies and Strategy Design of Bigdata Center for Medical Service based on Bigdata and Artificial Intelligence


  • Da Hye CHOI
  • Sangwon Lee
  • Hyung Su Kim


The Bigdata center was established to overcome its time-consuming and subjective limitations in finding problems through traditional business analysis methods such as interviews and surveys, observations and case analysis. In the end, we will select a study that will have more ripple effects than analyzing scattered data in hospitals. However, there are currently problems that need to be solved in order to utilize the nation’s health care Bigdata, making it difficult to analyze the data. This study analyzes the government’s orientation, overseas cases, and capabilities within hospitals to derive problems, find Insights, and present strategic directions from a mid- to long-term perspective. After identifying the difficulty level of the study, priority can be selected to help reduce research period and research cost through proper staffing and efficient support.

 Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Bigdata, Bigdata Center, Medical Service