Wireless Waiter Robot


  • Arwa Hamid Salih Hamdany
  • Lubab H. Albak
  • Raid Rafi Omar Al-Nima


A robotic waiter with integrated technology is an ideal solution for restaurants. This paper considers facilitating the services in restaurants. Many problems can be observed in this case such as overcrowding of customers and lacking for waiters. These problems can be addressed by using the robotic techniques. In this study, A waiter robot and a smart restaurant are designed to provide better services for customers. The robot can response to a lighting signal from any table in order to provide the restaurant services for that location. In addition, the customer can use an Electronic-Menu (E-Menu) which is embedded within the robot to select his/her order. The order will be sent to the kitchen and the food will be prepared. Consequently, it can be delivered to the determined table by the waiter robot. A credit card service within the same robot is suggested for paymentpurposes.