Design of Semantic Data Linking for Customer Value Management in the Smart Finance Environment on Bigdata and Artificial Intelligence


  • Inhwan Jung
  • Namgyu Kim
  • Jangmook Kang
  • Sangwon Lee


The concept of ‘customer Bigdata’ that utilizes, analyzes and utilizes data derived based on accurate, broad data and scientific methodologies is now being used throughout management instead of the usual, practice, experience, and benchmarking practices used in past management. In particular, for companies that need to detect customer changes in the rapid changes in the market, they are seeking to combine customer Bigdata analysis and utilization in customer value management with the aim of taking the lead in marketing and strengthening competitiveness. However, due to the duality of representation on customer data in which data collection for accurate analysis of customer data has the same meaning, it causes information loss and distortion of information about customers’ information. Thus, this study proposes a new model in the web of customer data in a smart financial environment that reduces distortion and omission of customer data and enables accurate customer Bigdata analysis by connecting a large number of data with the same meaning but different expression.