A Study on Development of Driver Protection System Based on Artificial Intelligence


  • Cheolhee Yoon
  • Jang Mook Kang
  • Inkyu Jeong


Traffic volume, speed, occupancy, vehicle length, etc. are collected through Vehicle Detection System. This makes it possible to distinguish the speed difference at each point by VDS. It is possible to judge the section where the traffic flow is quite different as the danger zone. By combining this with artificial intelligence technology, it is possible to develop traffic prediction service and automatic classification of traffic risk. As a result, it is judged that a traffic accident can be prevented in advance. We have classified the overspeed interval and the deceleration interval automatically by vector data analysis. And, We have studied the method of estimating the traffic danger zone sequentially. In this paper, we propose a method for daily analysis of the rapid deceleration section and a method for the automatic classification of traffic risk by scientific analysis using the big data analysis of the vector method.