Beacon’s Visible Information Structure and System Design for Tourism Content Service


  • Hyu-Chan Kim


In the case of LBS(Location Based Service) systems using beacons, which have received a lot of attention recently, they recognize information about the user’s location as well as UUID, Major, and Minor of beacons through BLE(Bluetooth Law Energy) communication between the user’s device and beacon and then, provide the user with the contents matched the user-UUID-Major-Minor information, and beacons are only used to dissipate signals of certain frequencies. Therefore, there have been major interests in the development of solution technologies to provide users with the aforementioned service by integrating with other information systems through the use of such signals.

In order to provide a user with LBS(Location Based Service), it is necessary to have proper and efficient technologies to install and control beacons. They should be considered as technologies to be developed beforehand. As the no. of beacon services increases, the importance of beacon H/W management is also increased, and it becomes necessary to have a proper way to distinguish beacons in the beacon dense area.

In this study, for examining the visible information structure and system design of beacons, it aims at addressing the previous system design using beacons, designing the visible Beacon UUID-Major-Minor Structure for provision of tourism content services, and designing the system for storing and analyzing data arising out of services using beacons.   

Keywords:  UUID, Major, Minor, RSSI, Location Based Service..