Design of One-Board Type of Multiple Video Control Module


  • Seok-Jae Moon


In this study, we propose a one - board type multi - video control system that can be driven by a device. It transmits subtitles through a mobile application and can arbitrarily control the screen size. This control system has one-board multi-function multi-video control function of smartphone app, so it is easy to use LED media board as multi-purpose device. In this paper, the main research is to provide one board type implementation and O2O service to secure safety and minimize errors of multi-display equipment. In this paper, we propose the one - board multi - controller technology development process and present one - board hardware diagram. The technical aspect of one-board multi-controller system is that the device and related software for a specific purpose is more essential product technology as the Internet of things is activated. It is not a closed product with proprietary patent rights and completes the future service platform by using open technologies. Various types of advertisements can be accessed.