An Investigation of Vendor Buyer Dimensions in Automobile Industry


  • Parmjot Singh
  • Navneet Kaur Popli
  • Anju Rani


A thorough understanding of the dimensions of vendor buyer relationships helps the channel members to perform efficiently and effectively. This research article aims to investigate the relationship between various dimensions of vendor-buyer relationships in Indian automobile industry which influences the degree of relationship between partners. Literature revealed that effective relationships between channel members are founded on the basis of various elements like trust, collaboration, commitment and relationship development. The study examines the relationship between vendor and buyer firms in automobile sector in relation to these elements and their overall impact on vendor buyer relationships. The study is descriptive in nature and researcher has used inferential and descriptive statistics to minimize the biasness and errors and to maximize the reliability of the data set of 676 employees which further establishes the association among all elements. The data was analyzed with the help of AMOS (18.0 version). It was derived that trust, commitment and collaboration are found to be highly influencing elements among all and all the elements have significant and positive impact on vendor buyer relationships. The research work will contribute by establishing the conceptual model for vendor buyer relationships which is relevant in SMSEs and large automotive enterprises in India.