Developing Competitive Strategies with Aesthetical Value Advantage, Ergonomic Value Proposition as an Antecedent Improves Marketing Performance at SMES Furniture in Indonesia


  • Andriyansah .
  • Augusty Tae Ferdinand


Purpose: Paper ini Kami mengusulkan dan menguji enam 5 variabel dengan tujuan untuk mengetahui bahwa kelima variabel tersebut mempunyai pengaruh terhadap peningkatan kinerja pemasaran. dua This work aims to provide solutions to marketing performance that is still inclusive of previous research. The new conceptual origin offered this research acts as a mediator.

Methodology: We tested the research model with seven variables with three mediations as antecedents. The object of this study is Small and medium enterprises Furnitures in Indonesia with analysis tools using structural equation modeling

Finding: We used a questionnaire to test the hypothesis and found two as mediation variables that affect and can enhance marketing performance. These variables are variables Ergonomic Aesthetics Value Advantage and Value Proposition which acts as a mediation and antecedent to improve marketing performance.

Implication: The managerial implication of this research is that companies can finalize products with Aesthetical Value Advantages and Ergonomic Value Proposional. both of these variables are integrated with the needs and satisfaction of consumers. convenient value and aesthetic value will be considered by consumers to buy the product. while the theoretical implications of this study are the two antecedent variables become mediations to improve marketing performance.

Limitations: This research model consists of six constructions. The data used to find answers to the hypotheses of this study are 170 furniture SME respondents in Central Java and Surrounding Areas (Central Java Province and Special Region of Yogyakarta Province) So that the Empirical results of this study cannot generally represent Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia.

Originality: We have argued that it is indeed necessary to be innovative to lead consumers' views. Therefore the Company can provide aesthetic visuals to provide the value of the products offered as a step to reinforce the unique values needed by the company to match customers and the environment.