Influencing Factors in Gaming Industry with arrival of Blockchain Technology: In the Viewpoint of UK and European Trend


  • Siew Poh Phung
  • Valliappan Raju


The beginning of the web enabled a workforce to team up progressively in various nations, and even on various landmasses. Considerably more wide-spread than this new shared universe of work rose another energizing wonder: the introduction of devoted online networks. Prior to the web, interests and aptitudes couldn't be shared except if they were done as such face to face. Topography was the greatest obstacle in avoiding unbounded coordinated effort over the globe. In the associated world, fringe less networks are started right away by the energetic interests – even in the most specialty of subjects – of complete outsiders, just in light of the fact that they currently have the way to discover and draw in with each other. Presently ready to team up, these networks pioneer advancements in pretty much every region possible. This paper will seek about Blockchains prospects in Video Game Industry.