Industry Revolution 4.0: Implementing ideas from MNCs to SME units in Malaysia


  • Peter Yacob
  • Nurliyana Maludin
  • Suresh Nodeson
  • Sai Mei Ling
  • Adi Wira Mohd Zin


The creation of the industrial value in the early industrialized countries was initiated by the emergence of the Industry Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0). This emergence has resulted in creating enormous opportunities for sustainable manufacturing. Hence, the main aim of this study is to analyze the recent developments and practices of IR 4.0 implemented in MNCs. It also aims at providing empirical information on the potential of implementing IR 4.0 in SME manufacturing units in Malaysia. The present study conducted in exploratory qualitative research design to examine the MNC in Malaysia who have successfully implemented the IR 4.0. This study is expected to help both researchers and practitioners of manufacturing and other industries who are serious towards the IR 4.0 implementation and are in search of an appropriate mechanism.