Formation of a Knowledge Base for the Synthesis of New Technological and Technical Solutions in the Field of Wood Drying and Impregnation


  • Shegelman I. R.
  • Vasilev A. S.
  • Shtykov A. S.


The most important technological operations performed by timber enterprises include drying and impregnation of wood. It is precisely at these operations that various types of timber are given the consumer properties necessary for the commercial sale. To date, despite numerous research and development, drying and impregnation of wood remains very energy-intensive, and the equipment used for this requires improvement. The need to improve the drying and impregnation of wood, as well as the equipment used in these processes, has increased the attention of scientists and developers to solve this problem. However, there is a lack of patented intellectual property that provides a spasmodic development of technologies and equipment for drying and impregnating wood. The authors develop patentable intellectual property objects based on the methodology of functional technological analysis and synthesis of new technical solutions using the generated knowledge base on improved/newly created equipment and technologies based on an extended patent information search. As a result of research, a knowledge base was formed in the field of technology objects and equipment for drying and impregnating wood and the effectiveness of its use was proved using the methodology of functional, structural and technological analysis to form a new patentable intellectual property using technologies and equipment for centrifugal drying, and wood impregnation. The formed knowledge base has become the basis for the synthesis of patented technological and technical solutions that provide elementary and high-quality leaps in the development of technologies and equipment for drying and impregnating wood. This allows you to go to the next stage of work - experimental design, the creation of experimental and prototypes of technology and equipment.