The Role of the Software in the Development of Information and Communicative Competence of Future Workers of Culture and Art


  • Kurbаnovа Аzizа Tolibovnа
  • Khudаyberdiev Sаkhobiddin Аbdurаimovich
  • Tillаshаyxovа Mаkhsudа Аbdusаttаrovna
  • Sаmigovа Gulаndom Аbdujаbbаrovnа


Inform?tion ?nd communic?tion technologies h?ve become ?n integr?l p?rt of our lives. They h?ve ch?nged our soci?l h?bits ?nd ch?nged our perception of ourselves ?nd the world ?round us - ?ffecting hum?n beh?vior. ?rt works the s?me, even more, bec?use it c?n provide unexpected perform?nces of the world ?nd thus provoke new insights. By utilizing new medi? resources, students c?n exp?nd their cre?tivity through digit?lly simul?ted inform?tion. Flexibility of digit?l d?t? is wh?t m?kes new medi? of vit?l import?nce for the te?ching of fine ?rts. By using ?utom?ted medi? tools ?nd gr?phic softw?re, students c?n quickly see the results of their ide?s. By ?pplying ICT, the ?mount of work in cre?ting visu?l inform?tion is minimized, so students will h?ve more time for cre?tivity, coll?bor?tion, rese?rch ?nd ?ssessment.

Keywords: Inform?tion ?nd communic?tive competence, Inform?tion ?nd communic?tion technologies, ?rt, ?rt educ?tion, softw?re, music, ?ctor, dr?m? the?ter, cinem? prep?res.