Advertising Appeals in Digital Media Influence on Consumers Green Purchase Intention: A Descriptive Analysis


  • Ms. V. Sravanichari
  • Dr. M. Sivakoti Reddy


Advertising is   a   marketing activity   fundamental   that what   provides   the product   / service   information related was widelydistributed to   buyers and persuaded them towards a purchasejudgment.  Advertising is one of the best significant and   a   practice   promotional and a common   that the   promoters   of global andlocal brand are using this for promotional purposes.   In advertising, the investors are investing billions and brands and that show the general meaning of this promotional technique.   The advertising appeals are a   tactic   crucial to brand advertisers   tilt   to regulate the mentality of   customers   selected.   This study   tends to   examine   the impact of four   advertising resources used   regularly,   that is to say,   humor,   emotion, sex and attractive fear in the consumer the purchase of     intention.   The present study has been carried out on   digital media,   determining a sample magnitude of 686 consumers be vested in the capital region of   Andhra   Pradesh.  The outcomes of the study revealed that humor, emotional feeling and fear   attract   to   be the   most significant in impacting the purchase intention of consumers.   The educational qualification of the respondents is taken into account and its effect on the perception of advertising appeals is observed through the association between them.