Factors Affecting the Implementation and Adoption of ERP: A Statistical Study


  • Budde. Srinivasa Rao
  • Dr.B. Srinivasa Rao


This study adopted a descriptive study method such that an extensive review of literature related to wellness concepts, occupational stress aspects and worksite Adoption of ERP are studied and analyzed to determination the association between them. About 700 employees in the city of Hyderabad who are working in various hospitals are considered in the study and the sample data is determined by convenience sampling technique. About 40 responses are not considered in the study because of inappropriate and semi-filled responses. So, the final sample size considered was 660 responses. The first part of the paper review of the selected constructs are presented, the second part of the paper discuss the results opted from survey by observing the association using chi-Square test and the in the third part finally conclusions and implications are presented based on literature and from results obtained for the analysis. Constructed hypothesis are tested by cross-tabulation were, usefulness, ease of use and intention to adopt ERP as a crucial factor in formation of perception of Adoption of ERP in employees of an organization.