Perspectives of Young Adolescents towards Ancient Mythology and Modern Myth-Fiction


  • Suganthi Medasani
  • Dr B. Cauveri


This research paper is an account of how young adolescents react and respond to ancient mythology and myth fictions in the millennial age. It shows the perspectives through the voices of the students who are targeted audience for most of the modern myth fiction writers. The questions drew on ancient mythology and myth fictions were to engage the students in discussions, which built on their prior knowledge of mythology, concerns regarding their own cultures and the world beyond. The inferences and research findings show young students? reading habits, creative thinking or behaviour and exposure to myth genre. The survey also shows new ways of analysing students? experiences, personal reflections of reading mythology and myth related stories. In addition, this new approach acts as a catalyst to how to foster value education for young adolescents through mythology and myth fictions, which can be outlined as the future scope of research. Keywords: Millennial, adolescents, perspectives, mythology, myth fictions, genre