Mechanical Properties of Seashell Structure under Different Drying Temperature


  • Ranjhini Anpalagan
  • Kamarul Azhar Kamarudin
  • Muhammad Iqbal Haikal Roslan
  • Mohamed Nasrul Mohamed Hatta


This study investigates the mechanical properties of seashell structure samples with different composition of sucrose as binder. It consists of 10%, 20% and 30% of sucrose with 2% wt for water and total weight of 14grams for each specimen. The size of seashell powder is between 150m - 200m and compacted in the mould with 8 ton pressure. Samples went through a sintering process for an hour in the oven with 100ºC and let it cool in room temperature for 24 hours. The mechanical properties were investigated by using a three-point bending test and Charpy impact test. For the three-point bending test, the standard used is ASTM C1161-13 at head speed at 1mm/s.  The result for three-point bending test and Charpy impact test showed that the value increased simultaneously with increases in a percentage of sucrose. Porosity and density test were also done to support the results of physical properties for each specimen.

 Keywords: seashell, binder, mechanical properties, cockle shell, low velocity impact