Analysis of Active Suspension System for Nonlinear Half Car Model


  • Vijay Barethiye


Modeling and control of automotive suspension system are highly significant from passenger comfort to road handling. This paper presents an active suspension system for nonlinear half car model using fuzzy logic control system. A shock absorber also called damper is the vital element of the suspension system and typically characterized by the force-velocity curve which is hysteresis and nonlinear in behaviour. Modeling and analysis of quarter car, half car and full car are widely used to understand the dynamics of vehicle. Half car model is devolved by using characteristics of damper, spring, tire stiffness and actuator correspondingly sprung and unsprung mass. The nonlinearity of half car model is contributed by using piecewise linear damper model which are located at front and rear axle of the half car model. For comparison, the response of linear half car model with viscous damping coefficient is also carried out. The modeling and simulation is carried out by using simulink for bump road perturbation. The simulation results show that the active suspension system with fuzzy control, exhibits noteworthy outcomes to the passenger comfort.