An Assessment into the Governance System and Trust in the Real Estate Industry in Chennai


  • P. AnandRaj, S. Janaki


In this research, we set out to confirm whether or not a specific governance structure is associated with a specific level of trust between businesses. It is theoretically grounded in the study of trust in business and the administration of inter-organizational agreements (Transaction Cost Theory). The authors take a quantitative and qualitative method to describe the connection between business network participants' trust and the governance style used by the networks under study. The purpose of this study is to ascertain the relationship and influence of Governance and Trust on Chennai Real Estate Business. Governance serves as the independent variable for this purpose, while its sub variables include Shared Governance, Lead Company Governance, Network Administrative Organization. Trust is a dependent variable, and its sub variables include Interpersonal Trust, Inter-Organizational Trust. Data for this descriptive research will be gathered from 407 Real Estate Clients in Chennai using an online questionnaire. Chennai Real Estate Industry will use multiple regression analysis to do the analysis for this project. The results of this study led us to the conclusion that there is a positive correlation and a sizeable effect on the Governance and Trust of Chennai Real Estate Businesses.