Web Services Adoption Model for the Organization Focusing Various Issues Involved


  • Dr. Netra Patil


Web services form integral part in dynamic e-business domain. Currently, many organizations are seriously evaluating the option of adopting Web services technology. So the organizations are trying to analyse the impact on the total cost if a substantial cost is incurred in adopting the Web services. The model proposed for the senior management identifies the critical issues involved in the adoption along 2 domains – VPNs & internet. The evaluation is done on the organizations current level of information technology sophistication. An experiment has been conducted to find the strategy which shows a distinct benefit on the cost incurred for allocating resources to pursue Web services adoption.Alternative strategies are being evaluated under both scenarios with different combinations of weights and diffusion levels of the critical issues. The results will suggest that different strategies should be employed, while organizations consider their existing organizational IT status and focus area. This work provides necessary guidelines for senior management to utilize available resources effectively and efficiently for adopting Web services.