Innovative Techniques in Project Management: A Pursuit Agenda


  • Mishel Elizabeth Jacob, Dr. Manoj Narayanan K. S., Merin Elizabeth Cherian


Project management, which was first conceived in the mid-twentieth century, has evolved into a unique way to handle corporate activities today. Another important development is the practically universal acceptance of the role of innovation and technology in firm change, growth, and profit. It's unsurprising that innovation development is frequently carried out as a project. On paper, however, project management and innovation studies have evolved into different fields over time. In this work, we will attempt to mentally design new project management strategies and to define the particular nature of innovation as a critical characteristic. We tend to add to the emerging tutorial discussion on the interplay of innovation and project management by doing so.

Managing several applicant initiatives and in-flight interviews across business divisions can be a huge burden. Comings tracking are difficult, whilst reconciling demand against market resources to ensure sure-fire fulfilment is difficult. Organizations are gradually implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system. These innovative portfolio management systems alter portfolio governance and attempt to steer enterprise innovation. The frameworks that shepherd initiatives and support project potency should not stifle mentation, bottom-up creativity, or entrepreneurship for maximum benefits.