Intrusion Detection System as a Service in Public Clouds


  • Vijay Bhardwaj, Harmandeep Kaur


The Cloud computing is an internet based distributed network technology which refer to application and services that run on a distributed network. The cloud Computing service provide flexibility scalability and Economics of Scale .Security is main concern  for this feature .As more data moves from centrally located on cloud server .The personal and private data storage on cloud server. Confidential data or information which is stored on the cloud server is on the risk. If we do not appropriate measure the hacker can hake the data .Because cloud computing provides services as flexibility, scalability and cloud computing also provide virtual resource to the cloud user.

The cloud computing has a three types of service.

  • SaaS (Software As A Service.)
  • PaaS (Plateform As A Service)
  • IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service)

Each service level security concerns that need to address. The Cloud computing are important Vulnerable targets for intruder attacks. The reason behind that distributed network environment. For the distributed environment, Intrusion Detection System we are using to enhance the security system. Because the privacy of data even from the administrator of data at Service Provider we cannot be hidden or cannot be secure. Along with the gains achieved in cloud computing there are inherent risks.