Theme of Racism in Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K


  • Komalpreet Kaur, Dinesh Kumar Sharma


In recent days, the non-white community people of South Africa are oppressed badly in the two provinces of Cape and Natal.  These two provinces were part of British empire a half century ago. Afrikaner nationalism has centered on the racial issue and started to fight against British rule. According to the imperialistic policy in South Africa the native people would be treated as human being and they are eligible to possess some basic rights. The black community people did not come under the circumstances.  Afrikaner nationalism they trend to the racism.  It was firmly seated in power from the first day of the Union’s existence.  After that, Afrikaner nationalism steadily gone to the new triumphs, irrespective of which wing of Afrikaner nationalism has been in power.  So the attempt has been made in this article to explore conventional themes and ways in post-apartheid South Africa.    From the black people would be stopped from the racial discrimination and injustice shown to them.