Students' Behavior towards Constant and Extensive Assessment


  • Dr. Amit Tuteja, Dr. Ashwani Sethi


In education, evaluation is extremely important. The education environment is set to alter with the introduction of NCF-2005 and the mandated practise of reformative Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). Students' attitudes regarding CCE were investigated in this study. Students from CBSE affiliated schools in Jammu province (N=1200) were surveyed. Students' acceptance of CCE is modest, according to the findings. Analysis of variance and the t test were used to determine the significance of differences between the groups. Overall, the findings show that there is a considerable variation in student attitudes regarding continual comprehensive review depending on the kind of institution. Despite the fact that CCE is an excellent strategy for improving the teaching-learning process, instructors and students are not fully prepared for its effective and efficient implementation in schools. As a result, measures to allow successful CCE practise without putting a strain on teaching and learning are needed.