Use of ICT in Developing Effectiveness of Teaching Skills for Teachers in Higher Education


  • Mr. Amrik Singh, Ms. Pardeep Kaur


Internet, broadcasting technologies, E-Learning systems, video-conferencing, virtual courses, E-meetings, E-collaborations, and remote learning are all examples of ICT. The development of new broadband communication services and the convergence of telecommunications with computers have opened up a slew of new opportunities for teaching and learning systems to employ a number of new technologies and applications.With its ability to integrate, enrich, and interact with one another over a vast geographic distance in a meaningful way to fulfil learning objectives, the integration of computers and communications presents new prospects to Higher Education Systems. ICT can be utilised as a stand-alone or as a supplement to teacher education (Collis & Jung,2003). In this article, I suggest a project called "E-Competency Initiative for Higher Education Staff," which I believe should be initiated by the Indian government and executed across the country.