A Study on Factors Responsible For Success of E-Commerce


  • Ms. Amanpreet, Mr. Sandeep Kumar


This study was mainly focused on the E-Commerce activities which are involved in retailing. It gave especial emphasis on the online retailing as E-Commerce facilitates the consumer to purchase the product online. There are too many pros and cons of purchasing the product online, like, online security, information security, customer privacy, facility for payment through credit and debit cards etc. Chaffey D. outlines the most essential aspects driving the competitiveness driver, such as increasing the range and quality of services offered while avoiding losing market share to companies who already use E-Commerce. However, cost efficiency is one of the most essential factors in a company's competitiveness. As marketing and advertising costs decrease, it becomes easier to compete with larger enterprises, and business ties with dealers and suppliers become more efficient.  According to the CRISIL research report 2018, the market size of the e-retail sector has tripled in the last three fiscal years due to expanding internet penetration, increased awareness of online shopping, and tempting deals and discounts. Despite its rapid rise, e-retail only accounted for 1.5 percent of total retail sales (organised and unorganised) in the previous fiscal year, suggesting its significant growth potential.