New Generation Pattern between Several Indian Rational Consumers in Online Information and Offline Shopping


  • Dr. Sunny Arora, Dr. Ashwani Sethi


In the last decade, online commerce has become a revolutionary component. Companies in almost every industry use a multi-channel approach to promote their products and services. There are also online storefronts, e-commerce portals, and comparison sites, in addition to physical, stationary (offline-) distribution partners such as merchants, department stores, travel agencies, and so on. During the purchasing process, consumers are increasingly switching between the two channels. People also have been getting habituated to purchase online as it is very much convenient to them with two clicks, one for ordering and another one for paying. As the time passed by, with the demerits and loopholes in the online purchases, the customers have realized that purchasing online is many times causes risks. In this regard, many rational customers in India have turned to search for the information online, and are heading to purchase online. So, this paper looks into the significant reasons that lead the customers to choose ROPO and also explains the significance of  in detail.