The Origin of Malay Royal Town Concept of Urban Form


  • Sharyzee Mohmad Shukri
  • Mohammad Hussaini Wahab


Malay Royal towns is the most important town in the Malay sultanate administration systems for states ruled by the king or sultan and is also a historic town that reflects the role and importants of the Malay sultanate hierarchy that has been existence since the 16th century. This paper aims to identify the concept of Malay Royal town in Malaysia that formed the identity and image including the tangible and intangible elementsto ensure its preservation due to the rapid urbanisation that is taking place in almost all Royal towns in Malaysia. A multiple case study was carried out in Malaysian Malay Royal town which is in Arau, AlorSetar, Kuala Kangsar, Klang, Seri Menanti, Muar, Pekan, Kuala Terengganu and Kota Bharu. Site observation, historic map overlay and semi-structured interviews was used as a research method in order to identified and understand the concept and structure of Malay Royal town in Malaysia. The finding shown that the Malay Royal towns have plays an important role in shaping the history and development of the towns as it is rich with the identity and cultural values. Therefore, the concept of Malay Royal towns should be study and understood by the community so that all the unique elements and cultural that found within the Malay Royal towns can be conserved for the next generation’s gaze.