Innovative Management Practices and Organizational Performance


  • A. P. Olanye, Chinedu Eneh


The study examined Innovative Management Practices and Organisational Performance in the telecommunications Industry. The objectives centred on the effect of innovation strategy on organizational performance and the impact of organizational structure on organizational performance. A descriptive survey research design adopted was appropriate to the study because it allows the use of descriptive and inferential statistics in processing the collected data to answer the research questions. The respondents of 205 were determined using the purposive sampling technique. A 5point Likert Scale and closed-ended questions were used to draw responses from the respondents used. The sample was drawn from the respondents because of the small size permissible by census statistical application in research. Data presented and analyzed was dichotomized into three parts of simple percentage, descriptive statistics and Standard deviation applications. Findings revealed that both independent variables innovation strategy and organizational structure have a significant relationship with organizational performance in the Telecommunications Industry. It was recommended that Innovation strategy and overall company goal should always be in sync when planning enhanced development and organisations should continue with a flat structure system but built around creativity and reduced centralized system of administration that could lead to reduced interest on the part of employees