Comparative Study of the Challenges in Learning English as a Second Language among the Students of King Khalid University, K.S.A and Isra University, Jordan


  • Dr. Tareq Nael Hashem, Dr. Safia Asad, Ms. Samar Alnmer,


An international language belongs to its users, not to the countries whose national languages have become internationalized' (Edge 1992). Learning and teaching are quite interrelated. Teaching can't be done unless our students are not learning. Now a days English is being used as an additional language in mostly all the countries' education system. The purpose of the present study is to do the comparative analysis of the causes of English learning problems among the students of King Khalid University, K.S.A and Isra University, Jordan. The methodology for collecting the data was a survey method. The data sample consisted of 400 students from both the universities. A quantitative approach was followed in this research study where a questionnaire was distributed on 400 students divided between King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia and Isra University in Jordan. It is found that Student-related problems are the main challenges in learning English as a Second language among the students.