Detection and Processing of RFID Internet of Things Complex Events Combing Event Clustering Algorithm


  • Xing Zhang


The development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has made it more
convenient for the perception of the world. In this paper, based on the features of RFID
data, data modeling is carried out with the events as the focus. Various rules and patterns
are used in a multi-constraint environment to detect specific complex events effectively.
Through the analysis and processing of RFID events, the detection of abstract
underlying RFID events is used to monitor and process complex events efficiently.
According to the event classification and detection of RFID data in the Cascadia system,
the event detection method based on the application of the event parsing diagrams is
presented, and an event clustering algorithm is put forward. Combined with the specific
application instances, the RFID complex event detection model based on the application
of the event parsing diagrams is explained and demonstrated. The experimental results
suggest that the RFID complex event clustering algorithm proposed in this paper can
meet the accuracy requirements relatively well and improve the overall efficiency of the
RFID system.