Design of Suspension Parameter Optimization System for Heavy Highway Semi Trailer Transport Vehicle


  • Qinglai Chen


Heavy highway semi-trailer transport vehicle is a kind of vehicle with high loading
quality, which has the advantages of low fuel consumption and high transportation
efficiency. At the same time, the semi-trailer transport vehicle has the advantages of
drop and pull transport, which has occupied a growing proportion of heavy goods
vehicles in the transportation industry. However, due to the high position of mass center,
long body and small wheelbase, semi-trailer transport vehicles are prone to lateral
instability such as sideslip, tail flick and folding, which will cause casualties and
property losses. Therefore, we need more in-depth study of the semi-trailer vehicle
mounting system, which will better improve the ride comfort of the vehicle. By studying
the mounting system, we can optimize the mounting parameters, which will improve the
performance of the vehicle. Firstly, this paper analyzes the classification of vehicle
mounting system. Then, this paper analyzes the vehicle vibration theory. Finally, this
paper optimizes the parameters based on an example.