Vehicle Flow Positioning and Real-time Monitoring Based on RFID Vehicle Flow Speeding Automatic Monitoring Algorithm


  • Yun Bai


Highway traffic safety management is an essential part of the highway operation
management system. It plays a vital role in ensuring highway traffic safety and clear
roads. In this paper, an accurate real-time positioning and monitoring algorithm based on
RFID vehicle flow speeding automatic monitoring. The highway speed measurement
system is used to collect the data on the traffic flow and speed of vehicles passing
Shanfen highway monitoring point. Through statistical analysis of sample data in the
traffic database, the changes in the average speed, speeding volume and rate in this
section before and after the enforcement of illegal speeding vehicles were compared and
analyzed by the speed measurement system. The positioning and real-time monitoring
were completed by extracting the feature information of the visual perception images in
the positioning and real-time monitoring range based on the visual perception
technology. The inertial information is combined to perform unscented Kalman filtering
to improve the accuracy further. Based on the simulation results, the impact of the
detection line setting on the detection accuracy is analyzed, the detection and
discrimination process of the detection algorithm is described, the theoretical calculation
of the maximum detection speed is conducted, and the rapid recovery technology
research on the false detection is performed