The Construction of a Smart English Teaching Platform Relying on Dynamic Learning Data Mining Algorithms


  • Qianbo Li


The dynamic learning platform is application-oriented, with the aid of the school's
existing dynamic learning resources to satisfy teachers' lesson preparation, classroom
teaching, student self-learning, network homework, etc. to achieve effective control of
teaching, learning and examination. Platform, dynamic learning provides great
convenience for the teaching and learning of teachers and students on the premise of
providing network communication convenience. It is an advanced scientific and safe
network technology. Because of this, the article combines the application of dynamic
learning in English teaching to carry out the following detailed research. The continuous
advancement of science and technology has made information technology widely used
in all aspects of human life. The 21st century is an era of rapid development of network
technology. The network has changed people's daily lives and the channels for acquiring
knowledge. The Internet has also been widely used in major schools. In English
teaching, with the help of the high efficiency, convenience and interactivity of modern
Internet technology, actively constructing English teaching modules with rich content
and strong interest can effectively break through teaching. The limitations of time and
space allow students to independently use the content of the website and continuously
improve the comprehensive abilities of learners in listening, speaking, reading, writing
and translation, so that digital education can truly enter English teaching, truly serve the
subject and serve students