Teaching Analysis of Computer Aided Design Software Course for Visual Communication Design Major


  • Hong Zhang, ChenhuiWu


The subject of visual communication computer-aided instructional design is a subject
that emphasizes practicality. However, the current educational effect of my country's art
department in high school education practice textbook is not obvious and there is no
scientific system of practical teaching system. The existing The value set in the teaching
subjects is not fully reflected. In this evolutionary situation, how to deal with the
"quality" of teaching and the "quantity" of students in the relationship between the
teaching of art design courses and how to establish the unity of higher art design teaching
ideas and guidelines, How to improve the educational goals and teaching mode of art
design. The research on the sustainable development of the design discipline requires us
to have a deeper understanding and understanding of contemporary art design teaching
and to combine scientific theories with countermeasures to make correct judgments and
specific implementations.