Study on Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Prefabricated Building Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process from the Perspective of Environmental Protection


  • XiaomengSun , YibingZhu


AHP is a tool to help construction enterprises to find their own problems. It has been
widely used in the field of building comprehensive benefit evaluation to control and
manage the whole process of prefabricated building construction, so as to continuously
improve the level of building management.The application of AHP to construction
enterprises can also help them find the deficiencies in the process of comprehensive
benefit evaluation and improve the comprehensive benefit evaluation, so as to maintain a
leading position in the fierce market competition.This paper integrates the characteristics
of the original prefabricated building comprehensive benefit evaluation model, starts
with prefabricated building cost management from two aspects of project and time, and
explores its application in prefabricated building comprehensive benefit evaluation by
combining the relevant theoretical knowledge and ideas of ahP.