Research on the Trend of Chinese Contemporary Literature Based on Computer Multi-media Convergence


  • Xin Sun


Since the beginning of the new century, with the deepening of the marketization of
China's socialist economy, the improvement of people's education level, the
intensification of economic globalization competition and the popularization of
multimedia such as film, television and Internet, literary publishing has undergone
corresponding changes in order to adapt to the new era. The most obvious change is the
emergence of publication planning, change the traditional publishing model, the writer -
press edit processing - release - buying and reading, instead of literature, the status and
role of prominent and stressed that the literature publishing house published at the start
of a certain behavior, before must do market research to determine the topic, and then
attract writers or writers to compose, after work, but also to a full range of packaging,
including the books of popular element, the current hot, readers interest, etc.,All these
efforts are to have a good sales volume and occupy a certain market share after the works
are launched in the market