Research on the Impact of FDI on the Efficiency of technological innovation in Manufacturing Industry Based on VAR Model and Computer Software


  • Zhixiao Dong


In recent years, with the rapid growth of China's national economy, China has absorbed a
large number of foreign capital investment, which has a huge impact on China's
manufacturing technology innovation. With the technological innovation (hereinafter
referred to as TI ) of Manufacturing Industry (hereinafter referred to as MI ), China's
traditional MI is facing more and more pressure of economic transformation. Therefore,
we need to constantly change the mode of development and social specialization. FDI
can enhance the technological capability of MI through technology spillover (hereinafter
referred to as TS), which will give full play to the characteristics of knowledge intensive
and technology intensive. In the process of industrial integration, TI will promote the
efficiency of related industries, especially the MI. First of all, this paper analyzes the
mechanism of the impact of FDI on industrial TI ability. Then, through DEA model, this
paper calculates the relevant indicators of manufacturing efficiency. Finally, this paper
analyzes the impact of FDI on the TI efficiency of MI by VAR model.