Research on Concrete Crack Monitoring Based on Digital Image


  • Ruijuan Liu, De Zhao , Lina Xiang , Yan Jiang, Chunyan Zhang


Concrete monitoring technology has equipment data detection functions, concrete data
sharing functions, concrete accident auxiliary analysis functions, alarm and authority
functions, etc. The realization of these functions is inseparable from the concrete
central monitoring automation system, also known as the concrete monitoring SCADA
system. The system is equipped with a high-performance computer and uninterrupted
UPS power supply. The system consists of an on-site measurement and control unit
and a measurement and control center. The measurement and control center conducts
centralized monitoring of system configuration, maintenance, management and alarm
processing, which is a core part of the system. The basic element of the system is the
on-site measurement and control unit, which is generally composed of PLC or RTU to
realize data acquisition and control of local I/O points. The main task of the central
monitoring system is to detect and store the data of the metering station RTU and the
concrete RTU. Use the system query function to obtain relevant data and provide
system alarms to the monitoring personnel, which is conducive to troubleshooting
on-site faults in the fastest time. The application of concrete monitoring technology in
the concrete automation system plays an important role in saving concrete human
resources and ensuring the quality and efficiency of concrete production. Only by
giving full play to the advantages of concrete monitoring technology and doing a good
job of monitoring concrete under different management methods can we truly ensure
the smooth progress of concrete production