Network Traffic Monitoring and Real-time Risk Warning Based on Static Baseline Algorithm


  • Zhaoli Wu, Junwei Liu


In the development of modern society, network technology has been widely and
comprehensively applied and it occupies an important position that cannot be ignored in
the material life of the masses. In the context of the development of the times, the level of
society has been further improved and computer technology and information networks
have been widely used. The complexity of the network environment brings difficulties to
the measurement of network traffic, but the measurement of network traffic is beneficial
to the network environment In the big data environment, the traditional network traffic
anomaly detection method is no longer applicable. What follows is the use of cloud
computing technology to detect abnormal network traffic in the big data environment.
This article analyzes the cloud computing platform and introduces The operating
principle of the cloud computing platform is introduced and a new detection method is
proposed. The current lives of the masses are increasingly inseparable from network
technology and mobile terminal equipment. It can be said that the emergence of
computer and network technology has provided the people with a strong convenience
advantage. In terms of security, network monitoring and security is also a major issue
that has been explored and studied in recent years. To this end, this article will conduct a
detailed study on the design and implementation of the network monitoring system,
hoping to provide more significant advantages for the development of this work.