Design of Measurement Automation System and Research on Abnormal Detection Method of Electric Power Enterprise Based on Data Mining


  • Xiangrong Dai


Electricity charge is the economic lifeline for the survival and development of electric
power enterprises. Therefore, electric power measurement is the fundamental guarantee
of electricity fee fairness. However, for a long time, the abnormal meter measurement
has caused huge economic losses to power grid companies. Therefore, we must carry out
scientific power metering abnormal diagnosis, which is an important means to ensure the
operation and maintenance of power automation system. With the implementation of
smart grid, power enterprise measurement automation system has become an important
means of power measurement. Therefore, remote anomaly diagnosis has gradually
replaced manual field diagnosis and become an important direction to promote power
grid automation operation. However, the abnormal operation of metering devices will
cause the loss of power enterprises, which not only reduces the technical and economic
indicators of power companies, but also conceals the authenticity of inaccurate power
measurement. Therefore, in the context of data mining, how to solve the abnormal power
measurement has become the primary task of measurement work. First of all, this paper
analyzes the important role of power metering automation. Then, this paper designs the
Power metering automation system (hereinafter referred to as PMAS). Finally, based on
the data mining background, this paper puts forward some methods for power metering
anomaly detection.