Construction of a Comprehensive Energy Planning Mathematical Model Coupled with Dynamic Natural Gas and Electric Energy


  • Qijun Tan


The power-energy coupling system has many advantages such as high energy utilization
efficiency. It is an important development direction of energy technology and has
become an important part of my country's response to climate change and energy
security. At present, my country's electric energy coupling system is mainly used in the
combined cooling, heating and power supply of natural gas, solar energy and wind
energy. As my country's 5G construction is in full swing, the performance indicators of
5G mobile communication technology have greatly improved, but the power
consumption of base station equipment has increased rapidly. The power consumption
of a single 5G base station system (the sum of the power consumption of the base station
equipment and the sky) is 2 to 3 times that of the 4G base station system, so the original
power supply system of the base station faces great challenges. The introduction of
power and energy coupling systems based on centralized power supply is a general
trend. This article analyzes the system architecture of power and energy coupling
systems based on centralized power supply, the energy supply relationship of various
types of energy, the technical route implemented by the energy management system and
the overall system architecture to finally achieve energy Intelligent management and
centralized control.