Computer Aided Industrial Design Technology and Central Design System Based on Big Data


  • Zhihao Zeng


Computer-Aided Industrial Design (CAID), based on computer technology, is
characterized by digitization and visualization and aims to improve the scientificity and
reliability of product design. Specifically, CAID relies on CAD technology and is
connected with CNC machining, rapid prototyping and mold manufacturing to make
industrial design present a comprehensive development trend. It is widely used in all
stages of product design, with high flexibility, high efficiency, low risk, openness and
other advantages, focusing on the integration of design factors. Designers can use
computers for modeling design, structural design, man-machine analysis, etc., which
will be more intelligent in the future. As far as the current research status is concerned,
some domestic scholars have made achievements in this field, pointing out that
computer image processing technology has improved work efficiency, reduced
production costs and changed the previous work mode and production method.