Application of Path Planning Mobile Robot in Warehouse Logistics Based on Optimized Ant Colony Algorithm


  • YanSun


From the perspective of my country's current economic development, the logistics
industry, which occupies half of the country, plays a pivotal role in economic
development. The modern logistics industry plays a pillar role in the entire national
economy and spans a wide range of fields. . In this way, the modern logistics economy is
no longer just a pure value-added economic activity, but also an economic activity
closely related to the social ecological environment. From the perspective of the
importance of the logistics economy in the logistics industry, how to save logistics costs
and find the optimal logistics distribution The solution is a new topic under the
development of the times and the prototype of the ant colony algorithm itself is a model
for finding the shortest path. AGV refers to the unmanned logistics truck with its own
navigation device. AGV can drive according to the pre-set route , The personnel
responsible for the transportation of materials in the factory can independently choose
the car body and programming device. The appropriate car body and programming
device provide a guarantee for the safe transportation of materials to the destination.
AGV refers to an automatic logistics transport vehicle with its own optical guidance
device, which can operate according to the given guidance route and has automatic
operation and automatic parking equipment and various safety protection devices. AGV
has replaced manual transport vehicles and has become the most common transport
vehicle , Technicians have improved the AGV many times, which greatly promoted the
efficiency of logistics handling and saved labor costs. Therefore, we should make every
effort to promote the AGV to hospitals, laboratories and other places research.