Application of Environmentally Friendly Green Construction System in Prefabricated Buildings and Construction of Evaluation Index System


  • Yankun Guo


Green construction management mainly refers to the need to meet project quality and
safety and other basic needs in project construction and on the other hand, effective
management measures and advanced technologies should be adopted to effectively
improve resource utilization and reduce production Environmental pollution. That is, the
concepts of water saving, land saving, material saving and environmental protection are
integrated into every detail in project construction and construction. Green construction
management occupies an important position in green buildings. At the same time, it also
helps reduce resource and energy consumption in project construction. Management
mainly refers to the management of multiple key elements such as resources, technology
and personnel in project construction. In the management process, the environment for
project construction should be reasonably selected in accordance with current reality and
various economic policies proposed by the state should be fully implemented. In project
management, the concept of sustainable development should be used as the guide and
the concept should be penetrated into every link of project construction. In this way,
while promoting the sustainable development of society and economy, it minimizes the
negative impact of engineering construction on the ecological environment. Through the
effective development of prefabricated buildings, it can be more reasonable.