Application of Computer Image Processing Technology in Visual Communication Design


  • ChenhuiWu , HongZhang


With the comprehensive construction of the information society, our daily lives have
been covered by computer image visual communication design. Computer image visual
communication design is no longer just the development of science and technology, but
also a work that combines artistic imagery with intelligent technology. At the same time,
computer image visual communication design is a carrier, a perfect combination of art
and technology. In the current era of huge amount of information, information design
needs to rely on the artistic expression of visual design to be accepted by more
audiences. Diversified subject matter such as subway signs, bus stop signs, city maps
and social media apps on mobile device terminals in modern cities can all become the
carrier of computer image visual communication, providing a work display platform for
information and visual design and helping audiences More direct contact with visual art
works. In the art field of visual design and communication, information and visual
design are two key points that complement each other. Information design is to
transform complex data content into two-dimensional visual expressions, so as to reach
the audience for knowledge transmission, record facts and The purpose of emotional
communication. Currently, the main manifestations of information design include
website pages, mobile device application interfaces, map displays, etc. When designing
computer image visual communication, information design needs to concise data and
information through design to meet the audience's information resource acquisition