A Study of Customer Motivation on the Thai Chain Restaurant-A Case Study of Thai Town Cuisine


  • Ren-Hua Kung, Pei-Ti Chen, Shun-Cheng Wu


In recent years, with the increased national income and the government’s implementation of the two-day weekend policy, there is a growing population in Taiwan that dines out frequently. Due to the change of values and the improvements in living standards, customers are attaching more importance to enjoying life and increasing their quality of life. To meet the diverse demands of customers, exotic restaurants emerge and prosper in Taiwan. Although preference varies from person to person, Thai restaurants develop the fastest and gain the most popularity among all kinds of exotic restaurants.This study selected the well-known Thai Town Cuisine in Taiwan as the subject to investigate customer motivation in Thai Town Cuisine, the overall satisfaction, and repurchase intention. This study discussed the effect of customer motivation on overall satisfaction, the effect of overall satisfaction on repurchase intention, and adopted a questionnaire survey. The study results show that customer motivation has a significant effect on overall satisfaction; overall satisfaction has a significant effect on repurchase intention. Finally, this study put forward practical suggestions and future direction of academic research for Thai Town Cuisine. This study is expected to contribute to the management of Thai Town Cuisine.